Sunday, April 15, 2007

O'Reilly, Bruce allege left-wing hit list

O'Reilly falafels Bruce into a snarly net of "ideological witch-hunt by evil forces" commentary. That's the same Tammy Bruce from the old days of KFI with the Laura Schlessingers.

Since Imus incident, talk radio is pounding fists at hip-hop. They don't want folks to look at their own words. Pounding won't be enough... (mind you, paranoid has been a popular word of late, the same clarion call came from a local, Caldwell, for nearby "small groups of people")

O'Reilly and Bruce fear other "small groups of people", who Bruce asserts "are engaged in an 'effort' to 'silence' and 'destroy'... 'people who are not intimidated' and that these groups 'have a list of individuals that are to be targeted'."

Read about it here: (p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s)
"Later, when O'Reilly asked how she would respond to those who questioned why liberals would 'target Don Imus' since he 'was essentially a liberal guy on the radio,' Bruce claimed: 'There is a civil war going on right now between the far left individual extremists, as you have noted them to be, and the classical liberal basic Democrats.' She added: 'In order to be able to even go after Republicans eventually, or conservatives, these far left forces need to purge our own House of Democrats like myself who speak the truth and will confront them on what they are. That's why Imus had to be eliminated and that's why they went after him first. And now they'll proceed down their list.' "

I'm so confused! Tammy Bruce, a Democrat?

"STOP THE PARTY", first annual Santa Barbara retreat, scheduled from 3/30 to 4/1/07 at the Biltmore.The David Horowitz Freedom Center will honor Andy Granatelli. Included among the 35 speakers are former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, radio personalities Dennis Prager, Tammy Bruce, Dick Morris and Melanie Morgan.


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