Monday, April 2, 2007

The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis

The botched US raid that led to the hostage crisis
Exclusive Report: How a bid to kidnap Iranian security
officials sparked a diplomatic crisis

By Patrick Cockburn
Published: 03 April 2007
a real crisis for 15 abductees
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meanwhile in Santa Barbara we get this from global book pimp, "Dr. Meng"
a surreal column for a small city
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"I’m baaaack as of this....." her SPAMorSHAM........SEA HAG, QUACK, FRAUD, BITCH, or opinions?........I'll call her Lara Shitzlinger for now......she's back from the 6 week "sabbatical" and writing her column in the local paper again, starting March 11, 2007.

This pathetic excuse for cheap entertainment is all that and more. She's knee jerking into the abducted Brit's troubles as fast as she can.
This is the worst yet.... ? No, but close.

According to Lara, Faye Turney, the abducted British sailor, made public "statements that disputes the GPS data given by the UK. She said that 'obviously, we trespassed." .... it's a Cardnial Sin? Must be at the Bishop's ocean view mansion. (look alike?)

In her eeerrr..... not so humble.. "opinion that she (Faye Turney) betrayed her comrades and her country and should be subject to a court martial after the British and the Americans, I hope, show the guts the jihadist Muslim world are sure we don't have and get all the sailors back." ...what ? Lara stays with her military opinions, seems especially odd she said nothing about Pat Tillman ? Like her son, he signed up with the Army and went to Afghanistan.

She's "aghast" that she's not getting all the attention. It's going to Ms.Turney. The media is to blame, "SIMPLY because she's a woman and the mother of a 3-year-old child. Excuse me?" The wretched column in part can be read by clicking the top image. On-line it is behind a paywall.

All things considered scoldy . . . dr. strangelove . . . youth . . . book . . .

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