Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Laura Schlessinger's computer generated trite

It is not even good computer generated trite
More horrible malarkey is the last thing Laura Schlessinger needs, but it maybe all she has left. Her new low, performing with abused animals, isn't exactly how to impress the "real" McCaw. Wendy McCaw, Laura's boss at the now sad and crippled Santa Barbara News-Press.

She's used Deryk Schlessinger longer than I know, I've yet to see how it is the right thing. Would a genuine proud parent need to exaggerate reality? Look at Deryk's badge is that a Novice Parachutist? (Reminds us too much of the little used physiology degree) All else says what he actually does is infantry, like he shoots people. (People who keep secrets are not healthy)

Her sad pathology to manipulate a Dr. title into legitimacy of any sort is tragic enough. She should write about the brief time she used that physiology degree and end the massive amounts of unoriginal recycled pollution she litters about *. Her garbage alone is enough to prove her worst
GLOBAL WARMING nightmares are true.

Is she really a doctor?
Should Ph.D.’s be Referred to as "Doctor"
[ the "Should Ph.D.’s be Referred to as 'Doctor'" are disappearing, there are oceans of other computer generated hypes from faux doc ]
check out how many of them we've posted... there are many that were missed... try leaving a comment.. it's all about hooey with Laura Schlessinger
By V. Berba Velasco In recent years, I’ve frequently heard people claim that individuals who hold PhDs are not “real” doctors. [ they all say the same thing ]

* wiser observations prevail:
RE: [DrLauraDiscussionGroup] My NEW blog by Our Ms. Laura

"I call bullsh*t! This is another fraud letter from someone hoping to get a
pat on the back from Laura. If you read actual pregnancy boards, you will
see that single mothers are not as prevalent. And if she is telling the
truth, I can tell you from experience that she probably went on there with a
“holier-than-thou” attitude and got stomped on by the other posters. Those
are support boards, they aren’t for people to come preaching at you.

My husband just called me. He said that he is listening to Laura and some
guy called in and said that his daughter is military and is going out on TDY
(temporary duty). Laura, Miss “I Know F*ck All About All Things Military”
said she didn’t know what TDY was. My husband, a former Airman, nearly
jumped through the radio to throttle Miss Laura. LOL!!! I guess Derick
doesn’t tell her everything. Hey, Laura, your psychopathic son is on

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