Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy, nice new photos

Wendy McCaw* might be prepping, as she wags her sordid tail for the judge, but it's not about change or smoozing the little people. (McCaw and minions, one and the same in the De La Guerra Plaza train wreck)

Wendy's first two hours on the witness stand: this rare demeanor update is an improvement from her court dates with McCaw v. McCaw and Parker v. McCaw.
[ MORE: She's No Katherine Graham Coyotes Are Sacred But It's Open Season On News Reporters NLRB Hearing Wraps Up Now The Waiting Game Begins ]

The look is a good move, we all believe a lovely lookin' Granny. Aspirations of great leaders like Nehru is a nice touch, and not all black!
If Granny is the Bank of Libertarian Political$, all the better. She does have
her supporters. I don't see it as Republican v Democrat or even Conservative v Liberal. It is a mix, the Conservatives I know are mortified by her, but her minions wear a conservative guise. With a prize, a new City Council, under a conservative label. Is there a Libertarian Taliban?

It's Wendy McCaw's news and she can have a special way with Christians and Jews while Muslims get a different what-she-wants... Only Laura Schlessinger can say the MMB (Mayor Marty Blum) word?

The Snewz-Repeat...

"3 Muslims arrested in plot to attack U.S." is what she wants! She allowed Christians Deane and Bert Langdon a public letter and long public answer in Laura Schlessinger's "Calling a Muslim a terrorist". Why "Calling a Muslim a terrorist" disappeared is another matter.

When/if Wendy wants it online she'll have that corrected.

With ideas like:

"... I would like to hear Santa Barbara Mayor Marty Blum and the City Council take their time to debate and call for the impeachment of Osama bin Laden, who is 'suggesting' that all would be well if we would only all become Muslim." 9/13/07 A2 Laura Schlessinger

Go figure why they'd self-censor.

The "slut" (to quote Laura Schlessinger), Wendy made a pact with the
[ warning ] strict unrelenting radio "moralist". Who now has free (as in under McCaw) rein to recruit for all wars Bush/Cheney. You know, sacrifice your children, as she wrote in memory of her son, Deryk Schlessinger et al. Schlessinger (read her rules) takes the News-Press crew right on into a Taliban-like look. They view Santa Barbara as predominately liberal. How can a small minority rule the large population? Third world countries make alliances where each player gets a piece of the pie. It's not how you play the game, it's the prize you win or the barracuda you buy.

Blogosphere comment:
(Anonymous is a Schlessinger boycott, or so she says, not all friends of the Santa Barbara News-Press reject Anonymous. There are those that understand the intimidation effect)

Anonymous said...

"...And yes, you are right to say that Wendy is asserting control over her newspaper. Legally, that is her right as owner. I agree with that.

I didn't go along with the union crowd in the newsroom because I thought they couldn't win this argument. They thought they could — they mistakenly thought that Wendy would care about the quality of the paper, and would give in to their demands for "The Wall" between opinion and news before she lost her talent, her paper's institutional memory and it's reputation. But the fact of the matter is that she DOESN'T care about losing any of that. It doesn't bother her that the News-Press no longer resembles a normal daily newspaper.

But you are wrong to believe that the newspaper is now appealing to a growing audience. I can't believe that you'd write that with a straight face. I work at the newspaper and I can tell you officially that we are now the joke of journalism. I hear it from every corner of the business -- from conservative journalists to liberal journalists.

I have real problems with City Hall, too. But instead of going after City Hall with some fact-finding, investigative reporting, they just throw out insults from a bully pulpit with the teaser of "... in future editorials, we will look into blah blah blah." But there is never any meaningful follow up.

And why? Because there are no reporters left at the paper with any experience beyond journalism school except for the Lompoc reporter and a few sports writers. Wendy is spending her money on attorneys and hiring her new pimply faced reporters through a temp agency. That is a fact. Those reporters don't even know where City Hall is located (and it's right next door).

Does this News-Press really, seriously appeal to you?
A News-Press that doesn't even cover government meetings anymore? we are missing SO many stories now. I talked to an official out at UCSB who said the university is relieved that this is happening because they've had several embarrassing incidents that have gone undetected and unreported in this journalistic vacuum. I'm talking about taxpayer money going down the drain. And Travis likens Wendy McCaw to Katherine Graham? Please. Nixon would have adored this News-Press.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is this "growing constituency" that you cite which is only interested in the rantings of Dr. Laura, and yachting news, and gossip about the royal family, and who attended what party in Montecito, and the comings and goings of every freaking turtle and puppy dog in Santa Barbara AND Ventura Counties. I can't find anything else in the news pages..."

*Wendy McCaw is Craig McCaw's wealthy Xwife. She is both 100% owner of the once winning Santa Barbara News-Press, now controversial. And appointed 'co-publisher' with her lover, Nipper. "Mr. McCaw" to oooops!, Barry Cappello.

"When editorial page editor Travis Armstrong was on the witness stand he stated that the editorial board consists of owner Wendy McCaw, her boyfriend Arthur von Wiesenberger, who has the title 'co-publisher,' and Armstrong himself." C. Smith

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