Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The queen of anti-SLAPP and Prince Lowe

That would be pals Wendy McCaw and Rob Lowe. With their identic law firms and twin legal techniques.
Will aggressive intimidating legal techniques bring success?
The Santa Barbara News-Press [Ampersand Publishing] didn't miss a beat of the Michael Jackson trial. The D.A. photographed celebrity genitals, nothing was too sordid. Rob Lowe is no Michael Jackson in global popularity but this is the biggest celebrity trial in Santa Barbara County since Jackson.
McCaw has been handed an opportunity by her friends,
the Lowes.

The News-Press will cover celebrity legal trials with equal gusto?
Ampersand will show the world they aren't biased?

Wendy had a champagne moment when Federal Judge Stephen Wilson gave First Amendment refuge to her last May. Her celebration was short.
Lowe has been on a roller coaster. Their lawyer, Stanton "Larry" Stein, did manage a postponement for Lowe.

We'd like to see a new comic series about the news-press friends and clowns, or a tabloid format.
Not one of them belong in legit journalism.
What about the children?
What are we teaching children when friends are given special favor and clowns are treated in a serious manner? Their violations and crimes
to be scrutinized, but
none are worthy professionals.

Lowe Updates 6/19/08:
Two of Lowe Nanny's Claims Tossed From Court
Two Claims by Rob Lowe's Ex-Nanny Tossed

Links, McCaw Co chicanery:

1. McCaw “SLAPPed” Down
Appeals court dismisses News-Press suit as an attempt to silence journalist.
Friday, June 13, 2008

2. "Stanton 'Larry' Stein, the lawyer for Ampersand Publishing LLC [Rob Lowe], which publishes the News-Press, did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment."

3. Justice for Wendy McCaw’s Victims
June 15th, 2008

4. Citizen McCaw Filmmakers Defy News-Press Owner
Doc About Santa Barbara Daily Newspaper’s Meltdown Will Show Despite Threats from Wendy McCaw’s Lawyers; Plus, How’s the Smart Car?
Monday, June 16, 2008

5. Citizen McCaw Screened Despite Cease and Desist
Monday Jun 16, 2008

6. "And with court reporter Kathleen Stinson having been given her walking papers last week, don't expect to see any coverage in the News-Press of the biggest court case in town right now, Rob Lowe's nanny-gate. After all, it's well known that Lowe is a 'friend of the publisher.'" 6/18/08

7. From buff to blobby: Hollywood heart-throb Rob Lowe loses his six-pack
[loses confidentiality paps]
[Rob gets a watcher?]
Daily Mail Reporter 10th June 2008

8. Will Rob Lowe Get SLAPPED Down?
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Laura Schlessinger attracts the tackiest wackiest theatre of the absurd... her long time rancor with her sailing competitors again emerged. She also belongs to right wing groups that sell each others books and set up "awards" to give out. Uber PR associates, some who gain from the misfortune of others. Along with her distribution company and The Reputation Doctor they keep the internet enforced with her fantasy. NO word on Laura's unkept promise to keep everyone up to speed on Afghanistan or her sniper son, DerykSchlessinger/KingOf*Hearts* MySpace photos.
Deryk Schlessinger
or Lew Bishop.
The only words on this are Laura's CNN lies...

The funniest part of her sailing "news" was to learn what she named her latest competitor speed boat, "Perfect".
The yellow speed boat, Perfect,
had a run about with a weather marker and flunked perfection. Creating a larger scene for the failing perfectionist. You don't name a yellow racer "Perfect" if you don't want the attention. She expects to live up to the name?

9. Did Dr. Laura Do the Right Thing?

10. The big package: Lying to go to war is no big deal....

"If you have a problem with Laura Schlessinger spreading her legs for a camera,
don't write to me - write to her and ask, 'Dr. Laura - how could you? What about the children?'" Bart

Robert Erlinger, Wendy's newest expense, is a big dud.

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