Thursday, July 31, 2008

Laura Schlessinger: addicted to WSJ cr@p opinion...

That's my opinion! ha! hells angel! A lot of the Laura Schlessinger Santa Barbara News-Press A2 columns are quotes, faux "letters", reworked recycle, blog material. She's behind a paywall that few read, but I hear schools get the News-Press for FREE. Dr. Laura and fertile minds, not good. "Dr. Laura... psycho killer.." sums it up.

She has found a way to redeem her leader, G.W. Bush. He is like a hit movie, kiddies.
Because "Long a fan of Glenn Beck...."tells her so...
Andrew Klavan What Bush and Batman Have in Common

The Batman Theory of Foreign Policy. HERE >>

The Dark Knight - a Neo-con's Battle Cry?
Posted by Bryant Daniels on 7.29.2008
"Ultimately Batman can do what no one else can because Batman is not real, and neither is the world he inhabits. So while Batman may use techniques that are unquestionably unconstitutional, but ultimately effective, the argument will still remain, "well Batman did it, so why can't we?" And that, my friends, is just batshit insane."

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