Friday, September 12, 2008

The Lowes Don't Care About Their Kids?

the ent lawyer 's crazy days and nights NO, NO, NO ROB LOWE...

Two a-holes who engage in aggressive litagation
I've decided Rob Lowe is full of crap. That is tough for me because generally I find that any client of Gloria Allred is full of crap, so I had to choose between two piles of it, and I think Rob's is worse.

Fox News obtained some of the documents filed by Rob's attorney and the allegations are pretty powerful. According to them, his nanny used the N word on a frequent basis and would often work with the kids while popping Xanax and drinking booze. OK, lets stop right there. A show of hands of who would let anyone work with their kids who did any of the three previous things while on duty. Yeah, that's what I thought. Rob and his wife didn't do a damn thing. They just let it go on and did not take any action against the nanny. So, either Rob is full of crap and this didn't happen, or he is quite possibly the worst parent ever. To knowingly let your kid be taken care of by someone who pops Xanax and drinks booze while watching your kids is close to abuse. Another theory is that he didn't mind them doing it because he was doing other things with them or wanted to. Can you think of any explanation that is plausible as to why you would let your kids be exposed to that?
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This is disgusting. Parents don't allow people like that around their children unless it is the parents. The chef was accused of stealing "medication" and having sex, but he settled. Who is the pill popper? This is too much.There were rumors before nanny-gate. It was the wife who was the most loathsome. The nannies deserve to get their last request reinstated. The Lowes had their PR machine dumping on them. Whatever happens they have no credibility. Most of all as parents. Yuk.

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