Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dr Laura is determined to annihilate Planned Parenthood

Laura Schlessinger does have a forum and she can say what she wants, and the gullible can believe what they want.
At what point will more people stand up for what is right?
Like publically ask for a little honesty from the misguided
Dr Laura role model? If you write to the corporations you will only get an answer if you say what they want and follow strict form letter guides.

I don't try to read her A2 column in "slut" Wendy McCaw's Santa Barbara News-Press often. [redundant reminder: "slut" & "shack-up" are Schlessinger style, discriptions of boss
Citizen McCaw types]. When I did read it, it seems Schlessinger was restricted to a few topics. Abortion is predominate for her and she obesses over Planned Parenthood. There is never a discussion, it's only one sided, straight out of OLD Pravda. Shocking how old world communist her behavior can be.

Thankfully, Cheryl Rollings can speak up here:
Independent, Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Shame on Dr. Laura"
"Planned Parenthood has provided quality reproductive health care services to the women, men and families in the tri-counties for more than 45 years. Last year alone, patients made over 61,000 visits to our five health centers where they received a broad range of services that included cancer screening and vasectomy, in addition to contraception . Contrary to what Dr. Laura asserts, abortion comprises only 6% of the services we provide. We are proud to be strong advocates for women, men and teens seeking affordable, professional health care and accurate, unbiased information regarding reproductive health. Shame on Dr. Laura for making false accusations and spreading outrageous lies about Planned Parenthood!"

Shame on Dr. Laura Shame on Dr. Laura Shame on Dr. Laura over and over for her numerous tricks and antics. She is an example of why these fake media doctors are dangerous. Shame on Dr. Laura for your role model style.

The following is from the article
"Shame on Dr. Laura"

"Folks, you all missed the point. These women - pretending to be minors - did not claim rape; they posed as minors to test to see whether Planned Un-Parenthood would comply with the laws of the State of No. Carolina. According to the report mention in my SB NewsPress column, and many other such examples over the years, Planned Un-Parenthood has a history of not reporting minor girls coming for abortions who admit to having had sex with adult males. It is a shame that Cheryl Rollings, President and CEO of P U-P, would choose to criticize me rather than deal with the problems within her own organization."
Dr. Laura C. Schlessinger [unverified]

thedoc (anonymous profile) [ ? ? ]
October 30, 2008 at 6:32 a.m.

"thedoc (anonymous profile)" is anonymous. Not verified. The A2 writer hates anonymous.
This gets confusing.
An honorable professional will clear that up. Anonymous "Dr. Laura C. Schlessinger" in local media?

Laura tricks you into thinking all Planned Parenthood is 3000% wreckless abortions. Here is a chart on specifics.

Let the corporation or Laura Schlessinger know how despicable that is. It's despicable if Schlessinger is trying to have it both ways, she needs to verify. It's despicable if someone else is using her name. If the corporation,
Take On the Day, LLC, or the former
physiology student, Laura C. Schlessinger want to keep the product name, "Dr Laura" from sinking any lower... they need to clear this up. If it's Laura C. Schlessinger, verify.
If anonymous prank, Take On the Day, LLC or Laura Schlessinger be pros and say it's not you.

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