Sunday, November 30, 2008

Laura Schlessinger wants to smack a few parents

... but she is thankful for a WSJ national holiday history lesson

"I just want to smack those few parents across the country who are causing a ruckus, attempting to eliminate Thanksgiving pageants, celebrations, and dress-up for small children because they are “offended” by the “Indian” garb (”stereotyping Indians,” they say) or the supposed whitewashing of the history of the conflict between Europeans and original natives of this land."
from Laura Schlessinger's blog and behind a paywall in the News-Press: Thanksgiving? November 26, 2008

"Thanksgiving without the history, please" [disappeared?] A commentary with another POV.

How much longer must good people endure Laura Schlessinger's malevolent, alienating, illiberal, assuming and factionalist poison?

See Robert Eringer photo here...
Does that look like a man born in 1954? He would be 54 y/o. Maybe born in 1934, claims 1954! Wikipedia ?

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