Thursday, April 19, 2007

"If you can take Imus off the air, you can certainly keep Cho from having his own morning show."

"The videos of Seung-hui Cho shouldn't have been released because they don't offer the public any greater understanding of the gruesome crime" said Michael Welner, a forensic psychiatrist.
2500 Children

Far more interesting is Alberto R. Gonzales on the radio, Pacifica Special Broadcast - Senate Judiciary Hearings

Alberto R. Gonzales, the 80th and current Attorney General of the United States. President George W. Bush announced Gonzales to replace former Attorney General, John Ashcroft, November 10, 2004. The question on everyones mind was: Would it be curtains for the $8,000.00 curtains covering the art-deco "Spirit of Justice" statue, with one breast exposed?

Be sure to stay abreast of Santa Barbara News-Press' Laura Schlessinger on her biggest concerns, children (and Gonzales?) and war policies. She offers "reading and righting" and "calls to action" on her web site. More concern on her blog.


How soon we forget...

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