Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The notorious Laura Schlessinger

Ground Xero: Live from L.A.
Dr. Strangelove: The notorious Laura Schlessinger

"The Dr. Laura Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to provide what she calls
‘My Stuff’
bags, with teddy bears, blankies, etc. for ‘abused and neglected children’ who have been taken from bad homes, to be put into worse, by Child Protective Services.

A nice cause. Not on par with finding loving parents for all the abused, neglected and abandoned children from women she insists made the “right moral choice” not to abort… but nice.

The maggoty truth, however, is that despite the grandiose name, the Dr. Laura Foundation is not funded by Dr. Laura. Ms. On High pickpockets the dough from her badgered listeners — mostly exhausted underdogs who slave to stay middle class.

Schlessinger is worth at least a hundred million. She laments that while the Foundation provided 50,000 bags in 2003, “I’m sad to tell you that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of need… 300,000 children must be rescued from their homes each year.”
Well Jesus H., lady, sell those planet size diamonds you wear — thanks to your fortune built from others’ pain — and you can ‘My Stuff’ all twelve fucking dimensions!"
By Xanadu Xero

"LESS THAN 1% of the money from Sean Hannity's Scam Concert goes to helping the children of military families yet Hannity bills it as a concert to help these families."

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