Monday, April 9, 2007

headache violation


UPDATE 4/9/07:
I just can't get on Editor Bird,
I tried to comment
"Dr. Laura applauds the Blog"
of April 8th, 2007.

I recognize the Nicole name as a Schlessinger fan from previous posts. She says nothing, just a cheerleader.

4/10/07 I'd rather be sailing!
UPDATE: from another blog

A. "nomdecrayola said... Earlier today on Santa Barbara's Blog was an announcement that Dr. Laura started her own blog. I posted a comment (and I am assuming several others did, too) saying it would be nice if The Blog could go at least a week without mentioning the Schless. My comment never appeared and now the original announcement is GONE!
4/10/2007 10:08 AM "

B. "Anonymous said... The Blog listens to comments, and your (nomdecrayola) point about too much DRL was right on and applied.
Identifying/verifying posters is a tough, yet important task, another lesson learned, and Sara does as good a job as anyone in town. Kudos on 500 posts as well. 4/10/2007 11:36 AM"

C. "elvis.... said... I, too, posted on Santa Barbara's Blog re: the announcement of "D"L starting a blog. It was edited out of my post though.
My comment deleted-
'DL's blog? I doubt very much that it will be any more a blog than her printed column is. In other words, it will just be regurgitation of her rant with heavily edited commentary that parrots her message. Oh, and lot's of not so subliminal messages encouraging the purchase of her pocket fisherman and vegimatic.'
It looks like Tom Bird keeps tight control over the message conveyed on his blog. He's not afraid to use the delete key, that's for sure.
I just removed his blog from my favorites list. Who knows what other points of view are systematically deleted. 4/10/2007 4:29 PM "

Santabarbarasblog/Editor Tom Bird are what they are..... they'll self congratulate, the Clearviews, Sally c, and Nicoles will love it.

Huffington Posts:
GOP-issued laptops now a White House headache
Democrats say a private e-mail system was used in violation of federal rules.
By Tom Hamburger, Times Staff Writer
April 9, 2007

Circuit City Slaughter by Barbara Ehrenreich

UPDATE: " Anonymous said...
Looks like Santa Barbara's Blog has a new way of promoting itself -- providing "unverified" comments from public officials. One showed up from Pedro Nava thanking The Blog (sic) for commenting on his involvement. Anyone that knows Pedro know he wouldn't do that. Snarky. 4/11/2007 9:52 PM "

UPDATE: 4/23/07 nicole shills for NP

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