Sunday, May 13, 2007

family values

Laura Catherine Schlessinger bore their only child (celebrity manager, Dr. Lewis G. Bishop),
Deryk Andrew Schlessinger
(aka Bishop),
November 5, 1985,
when she was 38.

"My husband HAD a prior family.
And I figured I went through 12 hours
of labor and a C-section.

I figured, I'm going to name this thing anything I want, and I said, 'Lew, do you have any problem with the last name Schlessinger? '
He said, 'No." Schlessinger says..
............... The Schlessinger/Bishop family
(minus 3 children by first wife) values are
proud parents who believe torture=safe....

.. As a young man Deryk came to fame via repetitive harps like "I am my kids mom"
and his early career as creative consultant for his mother's magazine, The Dr. Laura Perspective. As well as being used as a model for the family values venue (excluding his 3 half-siblings).
Today the promotion of ""action figure" carries on bringing Deryk to
world attention and promotion with
"I'm the proud mother of an American soldier."

He is the symbol and example for the promotion of
Schlessinger/Bishop family values system that earned them a fortune and
helps promote their politics.

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