Sunday, May 13, 2007


This is an apology? It's yellow until it's alot more clear and well distributed.
Who will read this? The shrinking Santa Barbara News-Press readership?

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The Queen of England and the cult-like abused Laura Schlessinger followers? Ampersand can do alot more to restore trust.

At best it's a small beginning, the damage is still out there. With Schessinger as shill, can it get better?


The LA TIMES is readable. Lou Cannon from Santa Barbara, California:

"But what has been truly lost in Santa Barbara during the last 10 months cannot be quantified. For decades after Storke stood up against the John Birch Society, the Santa Barbara News-Press under different owners provided a forum for diverse points of view and earned the community's trust.
That trust is now gone,
and with it one of the most vital aspects of life in
Santa Barbara.
It's a sad story

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