Monday, May 7, 2007

What color hat is she wearing?

Travis bows to Queen Elizabeth
"Everybody's asking and we don't know anything," said Travis Armstrong

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (APE) *POSTED: 10:06 p.m. EDT, May 5, 2007--
For a few exciting moments, Queen Elizabeth II was just like every other racing fan Saturday at Churchill Downs -- chatting with none other than ticket master, Travis Armstrong, at the 133rd Kentucky Derby.

As only the sunjournal can report:

"Ticket takers and security guards said Derbygoers constantly questioned them about the 81-year-old queen.

Is she here? (Yes, she was.)

What gate did she come in? (No comment.)

Does she use a wheelchair? (Um, no.)

What color hat is she wearing? (Pink with cream, not that they'd share that information with you.)

'Everybody's asking and we don't know anything,' said Travis Armstrong, a ticket taker who'd been at the Director's Room post since about 6:30 a.m. 'I've heard she's supposed to be taken in there, but she's going a different way.' "

Guest list State Dinner for the Queen

NOTE 5/8/07: Congratulations News-Press! Sunday May 6 a note to Readers: "Daily editorials will return the week of May 15." Craig Smith reports Mr. Armstrong was last seen May 2 at the hearing for News-Press porn computer

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