Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dear: I am sorry ...

I am sorry to hear that you have cancelled your subscription to the SBNP. It was especially distressing to read that it was Sunday's story about child porn found on a News-Press computer hard drive that influenced your decision. The article is not libelous; it is based on facts as presented in police reports and court documents. It is unfortunate that it concerned a former employee of the News-Press who used the computer containing the hard drive.

A crime has been committed against the children depicted in the pornography, and the evidence is on our equipment. The victims are the abused and exploited children, as well as the News-Press, upon whose equipment this material was found. The News-Press did not publish a story on these matters when it first learned of the pornography approximately nine months ago. However, the News-Press is now in a legal dispute with the city over our rights to the hard drive containing the pornography. This legal dispute has made the issue public, and we are obligated by the public trust to report on such matters.

Even if you won't reconsider subscribing, you should follow the story because the full story has yet to be aired. Thousands of innocent children are victimized by this pornography, and no employer should allow their equipment to be engaged in this. The News-Press intends to be vigilant in keeping this story in front of the public, and encouraging local authorities to investigate and prosecute these crimes.
Authur von Weisenberger

Many more subscribers have canceled the paper since the Santa Barbara New-Press character assassination of Jerry Roberts on Sunday, April 22, 2007. The letter from co-publisher Weisenberger is sent to their former subscribers.

The Times-Union, By Teresa Stepzinski, 4/24/2007
The federal indictment names a third person with links to Camden

"Reed is charged with having more than three electronic images or videos depicting at least one child engaged in sexually explicit conduct while he lived in Camden County, a federal indictment unsealed Tuesday revealed.

Those images - found on Reed's personal computer - had been transmitted over the Internet from Feb. 3, 2006, through Aug. 22, the indictment states.

Possession of child pornography is punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison. Each count of receipt of child pornography carries a five- to 20-year prison term.

All the charges also carry a potential fine up to $250,000, federal law states."

All Ampersand
must be held accountable. SHAME. These are very serious charges, insidious smear by the news-press. Definient incarceration for these violations and crimes. She is addicted to litigation and law firms.

Sorry News-Press Texas case May 2007