Saturday, May 5, 2007

Many questions, no answers

The Santa Barbara News-Press continues to smear one person, yet attorney Cappello told Judge Brown that the local, state and federal criminal downloader of illegal images could be a current employee at the News-Press. Cappello said. “It could be a former employee, maybe a current employee.” The ever faithful editor and columnist for Ampersand ambitions are Travis Armstrong and Laura Schlessinger. Scott Steepleton is pretty much "the news" reporter. Coincidentally, Armstrong has not been officially heard from since the April 22 front page story about illegal child porn on a News-Press computer. Schlessinger claims she has great concern for children.. she's yet to touch even the protect the children part of their story. She also ignored the Foley page scandal and now the Attorney General Gonzales link to a cover up of abused minors in the Texas Youth Commission scandal. Armstrong and Schlessinger have consistently behaved in the past.. writing on unions, philantrophists, whatever Wendy would want defamed, in a timely manner! Why the change? When it's a Laura passion, like the Imus firing, she's on speed dial. Why all these suspicous behaviors?

What are people to think now?

The list of suspects must be larger then anyone can say. No matter what, it is wrong to single out one person. And it is tyrannical to propose Ampersand as a logical crime busting entity. What's wrong with allowing the FBI to complete their work? Why is the News-Press continuing to only name one suspect? How is it Schlessinger is bound to yet another internet image scandal?

UPDATE: 5/6/07 No one with concern for children would subject them to this ugly porn landscape!

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