Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wendy dialogue

The most recent occurrences in the SANTA BARBARA NEWS-PRESS controversy happened at our historic courthouse early today.

"News-Press Can’t Have Child Porn Back"

The natives are righteously roiled. A healthy number of courageous souls were up early and at the courthouse archway chanting "Have you no shame, Mrs. McCaw?"

Last year, one of Mrs. McCaw's courier lawyers said to the populace, she communicates via methods like her cease and desist letters. It limits the ways the community can respond.... a dialogue with Wendy McCaw?
THE NIGHTMARE: Wendy doesn't do it alone. She gets alot of help. Nipper von Weisenberger, Scott Steepleton, Travis Armstrong and Laura Schlessinger are top News-Press loyalists with access to the computers. They don't hesitate to attack unions and prominent individuals on Wendy's hit list... Willing complicity and now suspects in the child porn imbroglio.

UPDATE: newspess TV? .. SLICK ..
Money is not a problem and they have the best equipment. But it was skipping and too annoying to watch it all. Dale A. Ernest is the videographer.
They are selling the "non-biased news" and "accurate" 24/7 News-Press commercial! Exclusive staged interview with shamed Cappello.

Later 5/3/07: IT'S SHRINKING! Leana Orsua and more News-Press employees, columnist Judy Foreman and business writer Stephen Bonser, resign over the management's wretched modus operandi. Notably, the sorry attempt to undo Jerry Roberts. Wendy, divorced from Craig McCaw and reality, keeps this going with telecommunication fortune and her few enabling handmaidens.

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