Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CAMIE awards' Advisory Board Member

"...Dr. Laura Schlessinger is the nation's conscience. With her background as a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor and psychologist, Dr. Laura... "

In May 2007 this is still on the CAMIE awards' advisory board.
C A M I E means Character And Morality In Entertainment

I want to believe they mean good character and morality.
I want to believe they are all accountable decent people and the advisory board exemplary.

I want to believe the title of Doctor can be trusted.

I don't. Why? Laura Schlessinger.

Schlessinger hired THE REPUTATION DOCTOR, Mike Paul. He's had time to stop these shams. I have seen places where these false claims disappeared. They do it in a dark of night mode. The Schlessinger sleaze grows if she won't fully clean it up.

She recently came out as Wendy McCaw's Santa Barbara News-Press' Winchellese monkey. Her recent comments in Salt Lake City, Utah are being made worse by attempting "make nice" to the people she abuses. When she preaches to the choir she talks like:

1. "You don't want to not have gone and find out your wife has to wear a burka."

2. "Schlessinger, whose soldier son Deryk is in the Army, railed against Congress, saying that her son's tour of duty overseas - she declined to say where he is stationed, noting that would put him at risk 'like Prince Harry' - had been extended because of recent arguments over war funding."

3. "People listen to me," she said. "I'm trusted and respected."

She does have a way to generate comments on the internet. Where do you meet those who agree with "I'm trusted and respected"? And how can they give a reasonable answer about her shams? First of all, the ruse of a "psychologist" or doctor? Her listeners are either victims or complicit with a quack. This needs to be taken serious, it's not right to be shady in the medical profession. And no more in the dark changes, the public deserves major clarity and retractions.

Paris Hilton doesn't have a drivers license, she was caught three times and she'll to do jail time. Schlessinger has been using a physiology degree and an inactive (how long?) MFCC to gain people's trust for advice with a doctor title.. whatever it is she does. It's not credible. If your posing as what you are not, how can you get by with claiming moral or ethical?

more QUACK
"Dr. Laura brooks no excuses for callers' immoral actions; Psychologist-talk show host"

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