Sunday, May 20, 2007


Out of all the images coming via e-mail or internet this one of a cute goat is not as scary. I am told the one on the left is Deryk Schlessinger, the 21 year old son of the Santa Barbara News-Press columnist Laura Schlessinger. She also has a radio act. They are so busy making news, I can't keep up. The whining wife story was not that much of a story since both LaPlante and Schlessinger basically agree, don't whine when others are stressed. LaPlante's work stands on it's own. Schlessinger admits she nags, if he quotes her, so it goes. She went to O'Reilly for him to almost accuse LaPlante of treason, in any event it was extreme.

I'm still attempting to grapple with Schlessinger, the mother one, inserting herself in a horrible child porn case at the Santa Barbara News-Press, where the people who were in charge were slobs and left their computers unprotected. When thousands of illegal child porn images show up, who's responsible? Sad to say, co-publishers Wendy McCaw and Arthur Von Weisenberger are not only suspect they are responsible to run a tight ship. As this story goes when mother Schlessinger called up last summer wanting a job, they were smitten. Sure enough, she's earned her keep. You want to wreck someones reputation? Laura is the Walter Winchell of the day. She does this while posing as a psychologist, psychotheraphist however she elavates the physiologist. Did she ever work as a physiolgist? What's the true story about how long she taught school? I suppose we'll never know. She's lax at producing documentation and often allergic to facts.

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