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Snake Oil "Dr." Laura Schlessinger

Deryk Schlessinger's birthday gift

Laura Schlessinger refers to herself as "Dr." and in terms like "relationship advisor", neither have much to do with reality. More to do with marketing and bending "rules".

On 6 May 2003 at a community prayer breakfast in Battle Creek, Michigan, Laura Schlessinger reveals to the audience:

"I wasn't going to say this, but last night I spoke with my sister for the first time in 20 years. I want you to know that I have given my kid the home my sister and I did not have. But now, I will be a sister again and an aunt and my son will have cousins."

Now go do the right-wing thing!
Twisted "family value" sales...
saved by the misery and misfortune of others. Where would Dr. Schadenfreude be today without dear "believers"?

The musical: Schadenfreude! "happiness at the misfortune of others"

UPDATE 12/13/07: Some Nonprofits Shortchange Troops

Snake Oil "Dr" Laura Schlessinger scrapbook update.. "sorta":

Last week was the build up to dunkin' motorcycle Laura and fundraising Mike Cash (her good bud & 27 year employee of the Department of Defense) at the Harley-Davidson dealership in Carpinteria!
The Santa Barbara News-Press has a video [ OFF December 02, 2007 ]
and a small photo online. We later saw a large photo of Laura entering cold water, wet would have shown more fortitude but dry was a nice shot. The more genuine coverage came from
The Carpinteria blog & succinctly noted...
"Now, on to the fundraiser..actually, a teeny weeny war rally."
"There were more motorcycles than people!"
As she entered the water, Laura stated:
"I'm nuts."

December 4, 2007 announced:
"Henry and Dundie Schulte of the Dos Pueblos Ranch Located in Goleta, CA presented Operation Family Fund with a check for $5,000 at the December 1, 2007 event. Santa Barbara Harley-Davidson with special guest Dr. Laura Schlessinger, sponsored the motorcycle show and family fun day."
To the Schulte family, thank you.
It's great one family will have 5 grand to help.

We're still mystified with Laura Schlessinger's call to the Bill O'Reilly show where she said:
"I had my staff call the USO at least four, if not more times and volunteer me and run-arounds and rejection. They said, "You can't just come once or twice. You have to go on a specific tour of going back 18 million times or something.
Anyway, they just blew me off."

Setting the record straight?

Laura was the lead into O'Reilly's interview with USO Chief Executive Edward A.Powell.
Mr. Powell had written
‘If You Really Want To Help U.S. Troops, Set The Record Straight’

After O'Reilly's ridiculous slamming of the USO from Afghanistan.
To date the record isn't straight.

O'Reilly went on to blast Powell... getting Laura to entertain in Afghanistan put him in crisis mode, he was serious...
"...Send Dr. Laura To Meet With U.S. Troops".
Helicopters are a main source of transportation, unless Wendy McCaw is loaning hers, the military would be involved. O'Reilly's big head finally got that it's the Department of Defense that determines Afghan USO visits.

Why the big outrage over celebrity shortage and no mention of a helicopter shortage?
"In conflicts from Afghanistan to Africa, international efforts to secure peace are being hobbled by a chronic lack of the tool vital to all modern militaries -- helicopters."

In step with Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo is in Afghanistan this week and doing the much needed PR work for BushCo. In the USA, Afghans have been ignored along with our troops before the sorry 6 hour Laura Bush trip. The results of these failures are complex and disastrous.

O'Reilly, Geraldo and Schlessinger are not the place to begin learning about Afghanistan and American policies. Recently, Gates was miffed at NATO for not being cowboy enough to "win" against the Taliban in Afghanistan. The time to get serious about getting the "bad guys" was 6 years ago. As everyone knows, the focus was Iraq. While the US was under-deployed and under-equipped in Afghanistan from the start. It was expected NATO would forever die as the coalition of the willing? Basically, the bombing campaigns are at the center of US tactic. That and keep it as journalist free as possible. The pentagon writes the "winning" PR (airstrikes, secret drones).
They aren't "winning" hearts and minds.

How do the Bill-Geraldo-Laura's keep their jobs? The home front, the private sector, church and charity, will rally civilians to support US policy and take up the slack for the shortchanged troops.

The USO does what it's done for 66 years:

"For 66 years, the USO's mission has remained the same. The USO will support U.S. troops and their families wherever they serve. Across the United States and around the world, the American military knows that the USO is there for them. By supporting the USO, Americans show their appreciation and express their gratitude to the men and women who defend us."

Why slam the USO?
Why is O'Reilly making the call for Laura?
O'Reilly and Laura knew all along to call her close associates at the DoD.

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