Monday, May 19, 2008

The vulgarity of spy and counter-spy...

Mata Hari morsel of the day:
Maybe We Should Call Him "Snoop Dog?"

Wendy McCaw and Baron Arthur von Wiesenberger
at the Santa Barbara News-Press
[after May Day lay-offs of another 10, or more employees]...
in the ruins of old cubicles... space is being allotted to Ampersands new "confidence man", poseur of investigative reporting. Robert Eringer
[ RAT ]
will have special accommodations to do his sleuthing.
[ "The bio also notes that Eringer's specialty was 'infiltrating extremist groups.' ]. The University Club, Yatch Club, Birnam Wood and Aunt Tilly's bridge club must be shaking in their boots anticipating a News-Press style exposé.
From the CBS report:
[] “At that library meeting, a man named Robert Eringer introduced himself to me. He had credentials as, in business, in the writing business, in the publishing business. He said he wanted to partner with me on some topics,” says Pottker.
Who is this man called Robert Eringer?
“He's a confidence man,” says Pottker.
Eringer was certainly a confidence man in one sense.
He was hired by George to gain Pottker's confidence.

This could be funny, if not so severely
oppressive and paranoid.

Old gossip guy, Richard Mineards wasn't enough?

Rude nude Schlessinger's short leash is a sleeper.
They let her out to do a Phyllis Schlafly
"vulgarity" piece on a 15-year-old. Other than an
occasional wtf, Schlessinger is useless. Except to
remind us Wendy McCaw is a "shack-up slut"

who won't stand up for herself. Her Baron brings in his cohorts and the CIA, Mossad factor,
but silent on the obvious opinion that labels McCaw a Schlessinger "slut".

"Some believe that either the Central Intelligence Agency or Mossad conceived the name "Robert Eringer" as an alias for an agent in an undercover operation to discredit conspiracy theorists in general,
and that "Eringer" infiltrated Liberty Lobby to expose it as a front for neo-Nazis."

Is the Montecito Cafe where the spy cameras are installed?

UPDATE 7/1/08: Eringer investigates?

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