Saturday, May 24, 2008

Should Ph.D.s Be Referred To As ‘Doctor’? WTF.. Schessinger ?

Should Ph.D.s Be Referred To As ‘Doctor’? for faux doc Laura Schlessinger, repeat, same, same, astroturfed Laura Schlessinger, same, repeat, VULGAR Laura Schlessinger, stuck repeat,repeat, repeat, same old, repeat, stuck repeat,repeat, repeat, same, repeat, stuck repeat, same, repeat, repeat [she doesn't play a physiologist on radio. "Dr" will NEVER give her legitimacy. It enhances her QUACK FACTOR ]

She's more deceptive than the doctor farce...
Laura Schlessinger takes money from

openly blasphemous activist,
Rev Moon

Laura Schlessinger quote: "I welcome the opportunity to speak at the Washington Times 20th Anniversary dinner in Washington D.C. as an opportunity to thank the newspaper for its
fairness and honesty--rare in the world of journalism today--and for the professional courtesy and respect they have shown me in both feature and news coverage. It is one of the few publications in the country that routinely gives a voice to individuals and organizations that uphold traditional American values despite the political correctness that pervades so much of our society.My presence at that event reflects my admiration for the Washington Times and their 20-years of reporting."

The Washington Times 20th anniversary celebration

Best remembered for....
"The pictures are probably from back in her immoral college years - like that other former hairy-bushed strumpet, "Dr." Laura Schlessinger." 14 May 2008 by HalfGlassFull
'immoral college years' ... actually still married to a dentist from New York..
Laura was 28 and working to get ahead in radio
. when she hooked up with the Marine and radio pioneer, Bill Ballance.

Laura Schlessinger writes about vulgarity, money, the obese global warming issue and much more..
twice weekly in,
Wendy McCaw/Baron Arthur von Wiesenberger's
[ known as "co-publishers" and "shack-ups" ]

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