Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dr. Laura's Mother Found Murdered...

...6 years ago this December

After decomposing several months, Yolanda Schlessinger's corpse was beyond an accurate conclusion for the cause of death, of course, heart "disease" was a part of it.

The first officials to observe the body at the Beverly Hills condo had no doubt it was a murder scene. The headlines were appropriately brutal.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21, 2002
CBS News:
"The body of Yolanda Schlessinger, 77, was found Monday in her Beverly Hills condominium. Police would say only she had been dead for a long time." [... when found December 16, 2002. "She had apparently been dead about two months, making it hard to determine injuries or trauma."]

City of Beverly Hills December 18, 2002

"On December 18, 2002, an autopsy was conducted by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. The autopsy disclosed that the deceased was a homicide victim."

Almost as chilling as abandoning her mother was Laura's continued lack of sanctity and respect in the following update:
"*** 1/2 UPDATE: The body of Yolanda Schlessinger sat in the Los Angeles morgue for 10 extra days before her daughter Laura claimed the 77-year-old woman's remains on December 28."
10 extra days...

Laura managed to keep the Yolanda Ceccovini Schlessinger story about a shocked grief ridden Laura. After years [20 years?] of abandoning a mentally troubled parent, Laura claimed she was "overwhelmed by sadness". Laura also claimed she is a licensed psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist. She can't stop claiming she is licensed. Her associates and advertisers don't care for the gullible or ethics and she gets by with that also.

Where's the license?

It seems her ancient MFCC, Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, was abandoned long ago. She has no active license, she's a fraud. It appears she has major unresolved abandonment, as well as chronic lying and low self-esteem issues.

Old people die sad and alone in a society like Laura Schlessinger's ilk create.

Yolanda, Lundy
[as she preferred], is an icon in her own rite. She represents the treatment of the mentally troubled and the deadly consequences when society trusts charlatan posers and frauds like Dr.John Romulus Brinkley, radio history or Laura Schlessinger.

Lundy Schlessinger's story is intriguing and important. I hope to find more time for Lundy Schlessinger and other abandoned and mentally impaired that suffer and die from neglect and/or murder.

Laura's role model example: "Just ditch those difficult parents"
Alone at the End Excerpts...

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