Sunday, June 10, 2007

the devil and the dep blah News-Press

Laura Schlessinger wasn't going to be out done by Wendy McCaw's wacky wonders at the Santa Barbara News-Press (ism). Leave it to her to use tragedy and her own son, Deryk, for this astounding ? ? ? W?T?F??? ? ?? No one knows what to say, it is not human.

"The West 'must defend freedom by making the most horrific sacrifice it knows:
the death of the only son. While America is prepared to pay

with the lives of 42,000 men, women and children each year because it
needs to travel for work and pleasure, the sacrifice of 850 lives a
year to defend the principle of universal freedom has thrown America
into a state of profound introspection. Every victim represents
immeasurable grief to his parents. This is only bearable if society
as a whole supports them and comforts them in the knowledge of the
sacred common values for which their son died. This, America has
always done in the past, but looks now to give up."
"Since the start of the war in Iraq, 170,000 people have died in car
accidents in America. Remember to buckle up."

"He may talk like an idiot, and look like an idiot, but don't let that fool you: he really is an idiot..."
Groucho Marx
"He has a quirky sense of humor."
"It was shock value."

In a moment of clarity Schlessinger wrote:
"As I wrote in last Sunday's column
(Santa Barbara News-Press 5/13/07 On the issue of computer porn )
I know all too well the impact of innuendo, spin and bias. However, when such an experience occurs, you have to be ready to come out with the clarification or rebuttal immediately and as wide spread as possible; not duck or call for attorneys."
Santa Barbara News-Press 5/17/07 "Contary to popular belief, I agree!"
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Only the Brit's?
How do these guys get overlooked?
Does the Army need better Public Relations?
What if 10 % of the rumors are true?
After no show of family unity to support Deryk, no friends that know him have come forward to insist that web site is unlike him, the "family values" gigantic image consultant almost silent and more strange behaviors make a background profile vital to end the rumors and old suspicions.

gossip, possibly untrue :

"I actually went to college with the kid. He lasted all of one semester. He was a complete and utter trust-fund baby asshole. He drove around a Cadillac Escalade on which he'd glued numerous action figures to the dashboard. People hung out with him because he threw money around like paper. Everyone else at my school despised him. The cops were always at his place...I know, because I had friends who lived in the apartment directly beneath his, and he used to drop by our parties sometimes.

Truly, he was a sadistic jerk back then too. One of the stories that went around was that some girl was giving him road-head, and he slammed on the brakes really hard. She slammed her head into the steering wheel, and he just laughed and laughed.

He went into the army because he had no other prospects.
Dr. Laura's just happy to be rid of him.

I should also add that I've rarely been around someone as poorly raised as this kid. Truly, you could just sense the evil and sadism in him. He's very messed up."
gossip, possibly true?

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